This Is Francis.

This is Francis. Francis is my favourite photographer. I call him Fran Fran sometimes. Francis has a way of capturing my thoughts and emotions in .jpeg. It’s beautiful.  Francis is studying Mechanical Engineering in the University of Lagos and he’s in his final year right now. Francis likes to take pictures; it’s his art form. Francis has this art thing he calls Monochrome Headshot which … Continue reading This Is Francis.

Don’t Try To Figure It Out.

I like masculine clothing. I love brogues and oxfords and Cebagos. I like henna. I’m not averse to septum piercings. I like a good looking male backside. Sarcasm is a talent I have long embraced. I think girls are stupid. I wish I was a guy. The “normal” ones outchea will read that and call me “weird”. I have long stopped trying to explain that … Continue reading Don’t Try To Figure It Out.