This Is Francis.

This is Francis. Francis is my favourite photographer. I call him Fran Fran sometimes. Francis has a way of capturing my thoughts and emotions in .jpeg. It’s beautiful.  Francis is studying Mechanical Engineering in the University of Lagos and he’s in his final year right now. Francis likes to take pictures; it’s his art form. Francis has this art thing he calls Monochrome Headshot which … Continue reading This Is Francis.

Polkadot Light: Ijenna Mirabel Osuji

From time to time, I’m going to be putting people on here. People whose styles should be noticed and all that. Hoarding my Polkadot Light this time is a friend of mine: Ijenna Mirabel Osuji. Most people call her IJ, but, I prefer to call her name in full; I think it’s beautiful. Ijenna is a nineteen year old 100L Physiotherapy student of the University … Continue reading Polkadot Light: Ijenna Mirabel Osuji