This Feminism Thing sha.

For the first time today, I heard someone make the argument that opening doors or laying down a jacket for the lady to cross the puddle is a chauvinistic concept. Heard, people. I HEARD it; someone didn’t tweet it. It was said. Imagine my shock. I’m not sure what feminism is anymore. For a while, I thought it was about fairness, and giving honour to … Continue reading This Feminism Thing sha.

This Is Francis.

This is Francis. Francis is my favourite photographer. I call him Fran Fran sometimes. Francis has a way of capturing my thoughts and emotions in .jpeg. It’s beautiful.  Francis is studying Mechanical Engineering in the University of Lagos and he’s in his final year right now. Francis likes to take pictures; it’s his art form. Francis has this art thing he calls Monochrome Headshot which … Continue reading This Is Francis.