This Is Francis.

This is Francis. Francis is my favourite photographer. I call him Fran Fran sometimes. Francis has a way of capturing my thoughts and emotions in .jpeg. It’s beautiful. 

Francis is studying Mechanical Engineering in the University of Lagos and he’s in his final year right now. Francis likes to take pictures; it’s his art form. Francis has this art thing he calls Monochrome Headshot which is a series of monochrome headshots. Satisfy your curiosity and check out his process @monochromeheadshot on Instagram.

Francis doesn’t like to be photographed as much as he likes photographing that’s why I went to see Francis on Sunday and insist on capturing his moments precisely because he was not in the best mood. His expression of self was much more interesting in his mood and apparently, I’m not a terrible photographer.

Francis is my#MCM and I’m sharing just a few pictures because I’m selfish and Francis is mine… And Ene’s.


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