All this Political Correctness…

My God, I love Twitter. It just gets really stressful sometimes.

2017 seems to be the year we overdose on the concept that is Political Correctness. 

I was scrolling through my TL some weeks ago​, and I saw a tweet about how a female anchoe on CNN made a racist comment about how the current 12-year-old American spelling bee champ would be able to spell “covfefe” because it is transcribed in Sanskrit: the girl is Indian. Trust the internet to get outraged. Everyone questioned the sanity of this broadcaster. 

What was she thinking when she said that – and on Public Access! 

What’s CNN going to do about this?

Decisions, decisions. A particularly angry Twitter user referred to the TV woman as an “uncouth and ignorant female”. I agreed, all was well in the world and continued I to retweet: the joke was bad taste; then I stumbled upon a rare case of stupid: another Twitter user called out our particularly angry friend on the use of the word “female”. Apparently, as humans are not animals, women and girls cannot be referred to as “female”.

As an intellectual individual and aspiring Marine Scientist that remembers most of what was taught in Biology class about the classification of living organisms, I beg to differ and say that humans are indeed animals comprising the species known as Homo sapiens. We just happen to be more mentally advanced than the rest of the Animal Kingdom. I saw that tweet and I must say I was appalled. Someone was using the facade of political correctness to distact us from the fact that an unsuspecting child had just been thrown a racist slur.

Why do people do this?

Going through Social Media everyday, one sees real opinions and thoughts being put out and also sees other opinions on how the thoughts revealed should be dismissed because political correctness. Recently, I took part in the #HalleluyahChallenge and after what I considered a powerful time in the presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I put a tweet out saying I didn’t know what to tell people that were missing it. A friend of mine replied my tweet saying I was being indirectly judgemental of people that didn’t agree with my school of thought. It shocked me that someone I knew would turn my mentions to a lesson on political correctness.

We need to learn to sift through the muck for the diamonds. Not everything on the TL is of concern to us intellectually and otherwise. Stop using political correctness to distact yourself. Women and girls are female humans. Babies are born male or female; you cannot put a child in a gender box. There’s nothing like “human cub”. This is life not Junglebook. 

There is such a thing as minding one’s business as there is such a thing as dealing with the problem. 


2 thoughts on “All this Political Correctness…

  1. The Wailing Wall. says:

    Hi. I just found this blog and i think it is amazing that you write about stuff like this. But I do have some comments on this article:
    The problem with term “female” has less to do with biological accuracy and more to do with lexical or social context; it is grammatically incorrect in usage and most importantly, it reduces a woman to her reproductive ability and mostly used to show contempt by the opposite sex. Here is an article that articulates my point.

    But I didn’t always agree with this. Infact like you, my argument used to be its biological accuracy. Until someone called me and was able to cogently explain to me. That, right there, is the goal of political correctness.
    We usually confront rather than converse when faced with a counter argument or logic that go against our core beliefs. Which in this case, you believe in your argument because you were taught in school and know this to be true. Here is another article that illustrates my point.

    As a society and as a generation, it is important to observe, discuss, learn and most importantly unlearn several years of social engineering that has forced us to see the world through binary, monochromatic lenses. With every form of social change, there will be radicalism and extremism that threatens to define or poison a movement or an action but it is important never to lose sight of the goal or central theme.

    Political correctness is going to be hard. It is still hard for me. Because it forces us to question the foundations of our core beliefs and that is no easy task. Political correctness is not a necessary evil, it is necessary. Period.

    So thank you and I look forward to reading the rest of your blog. 🙂

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    1. Eseosa Belo-Osagie says:

      I’ll be sure to check your reference points, but the point I’m hammering is that it was kinda like a diversion from the fact that someone had just been, perhaps unknowingly, racist.
      Thanks for reading this and I do appreciate your view 💜.


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