Girl. Uninterrupted.

When she was little, she got everything she wanted; didn’t even have to ask for it most times. She was happy and so was her family. Sure, they had their sadnesses, but, all was well in the world if you looked at the bigger picture. I mean the greater good was the more important thing. Then things started going downhill. For a long time, she was unaware. Her parents didn’t let on so much. Then in her first grade, she had to stay home because her school fees hadn’t been paid. Eventually, it was and she went back to school. All was well again… till the same thing happened in the second grade, and the third, and the fourth and so on till the twelfth grade. And in those years she’d been through a lot. To be honest, she’d had it better than most of the earth’s ethnically diverse population, but, to discount her many sorrows and disappointments would be unfair. Divine power had played a great part in the fight to keep her sanity- or what was left of it. She realized at a very young age that most times, all one has is his faith, but, growing older and seeing things get worse wasn’t helping her faith. Her parents complained about her only calling to ask for money; her defense? You don’t ask questions about what you already know. Having no money in college is quite depressing for her. Knowing that even if she asked her family for money she wouldn’t get much didn’t make it any better. Surviving is her main goal. You gotta read, but, you gotta be breathing to do that no? so she isn’t happy.

What does it mean to be happy?


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