The 1000th View: A Girl’s Rant…

They always say they don’t want to be in the ‘friend zone’. I don’t get it. What’s so bad about being friends with the opposite sex? They think that it’s so horrible. I don’t get why it’s even a thing. As a female, I can confidently say that being ‘fuck zoned’ is a lot worse.
You know when you meet a person for the first time and they think you’re hot? That’s fine. It’s all good. Then you find out that they’re attracted to you. That’s fine too. And then you realize that’s all there is to your contact with that person: a physical attraction they feel for you. Scintillating banter with you is not what they’re looking for. They just want to get some and go. Tap that ass and be gone: Find her, Fool her, Fuck her, Forget her and just for fun, maybe text her ‘I miss you’ every two months so she can’t move on.
Does it feel nice when they’re attracted to you and show it? Heck yes! Does it feel nice when you find out that is ALL it is; physical attraction aka lust? Hell naw!!! There are the rare gems that actually take honest time to talk and realize how cool you may or may not be to hang with… then there’s those that do that, but still live by the aforementioned four F’s.
Everything is just so sexualized now that you literally can’t hang with a friend that’s a guy because well if we hanging, we banging. That’s the world we’re in now. Funny how girls really don’t want much; just a person to talk to, listen to our rants and security. We need to know we’re not competing for attention, but, we’re the most complicated creatures on earth. Y’all think its weird when a female says she can’t be with a guy that has no game, but, well yeah. Nobody wants somebody that doesn’t catch the attention of at least one other girl. We need to know we scored the same way y’all need to know some poor sap is out there sad because you got the girl of his dreams. And again, it’s not cool when you ask for our numbers and make it look like you’re doing a favour. When we don’t feel like giving out our numbers and we find the politest of ways to curve you and you say shit like ‘why are you forming?’. Let me explain something: not everybody should have your number; not just for security reasons, but, also because you can’t be hanging with everybody. In the long run, it hurts you be you male or female. Then again, it’s my phone number darling and if I give it to you when you ask, it’s a privilege not a license to blow up my phone with corny messages or be disrespectful. First impressions matter. It doesn’t matter if I look like Koba from Planet Of Apes; I sure as hell didn’t beg you to ask for my number or be attracted to me. The little black dress you see me wearing is on me because I look and feel attractive first of all before wanting to attract you so please don’t be rude when you walk up to me. I don’t have to give you my number. Its mine. I determine who I do and do not give it to. Be polite when you talk to me. I’m not your mother. Make me want to give you my number. These are the facts guys. Many of you wonder why you get curved. Lol. Brother, go learn to make proper conversation. Don’t bring your half literate self over here and be forming ITK. Be confident not cocky. There’s a difference.
Court me first.

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