Just Stop.

I’ve been asked why I blog. “Who’s going to read it? Sincerely, I don’t know. I just write stuff. Not all of it is off the top of my head, sometimes I plan the posts for weeks before I put them up, other times, it’s spontaneous. I started writing because it was a way to vent. What I write are things I feel strongly about be it planned or spontaneous.

As a writer of sorts, I don’t appreciate it when people act like writing is an easy thing,  like it’s not brain tasking. “Wetin she dey write sef?”: Really? stop. Just stop. It’s not enough to have the words or the idea in your head; putting it in writing is another thing entirely. It’s almost like describing the feelings you have when you see that one person: you know what you feel, but, the words are the problem. Yes. It’s that deep. The question is not why really we write because we just write. It was just something we had to put in ink. That’s all. We let our hands move to put our hearts and souls on paper.  Anyone can do it to be honest,  but, please show a little more respect.

Thank you.


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