Polkadot Light: Ijenna Mirabel Osuji

From time to time, I’m going to be putting people on here. People whose styles should be noticed and all that.

Hoarding my Polkadot Light this time is a friend of mine: Ijenna Mirabel Osuji. Most people call her IJ, but, I prefer to call her name in full; I think it’s beautiful.

Ijenna Mirabel Osuji
Ijenna Mirabel Osuji

Ijenna is a nineteen year old 100L Physiotherapy student of the University of Lagos. She’s also a fashion blogger and photographer. The first time I noticed Ijenna was during our student registration. She had a boy cut a la Frankie (The Saturdays) and she had this IDFWU air about her. She dressed different from everyone else and she didn’t exactly talk to a lot of people. Most persons would say she’s a snob, but, somehow I knew she wasn’t a snob. She came off to me as one of those people you needed courage to talk to; those people who make the saying “first impressions matter” as real as Heaven and Hell, yet, she’s not hard to talk to.

The Boy Cut & A Rocker Look <3
The Boy Cut & A Rocker Look ❤

Ijenna is a fashion blogger in a way that doesn’t suffocate you or make you want to ask her “who the hell made you an authority on anything?”. She runs Mira La Belle . Ijenna doesn’t think she should be called a photographer because she’s not making money from that yet, but, I’ll let you decide that. Ijenna also likes to write. Another reason I love her blog so much. She blogs about fashion, but, she also puts bits and pieces of herself out there for her audience, be it a write up or a drawing or a simple photo. Ijenna is a very talented and passionate young woman and one of her future projects is styling. Some people may describe her as cynical or harsh, but, in my opinion, she’s just a realistic person who has set goals for herself with every intention of achieving them; it’s no crime that she expects the same from everybody else. She may not know it, but, in a way, she pushes those around her to “just do it” and sometimes she consciously helps. I love this chic and you should too. To see Ijenna’s opinion on Fashion and other things, head over to Mira La Belle , you can follow her on Instagram @unservile_fashionist and like her page on Facebook: Mira La Belle

I’m leaving this really cute picture of her (she doesn’t think so sha…) to end this post

Ijenna Mirabel Osuji :D <3
Ijenna Mirabel Osuji 😀 ❤

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