A Story…

She was a sheltered kid; had it better than anyone else. The parents told her stories, taught her manners and all that, but, most importantly; in their opinion; that love was nothing but a notion. It only existed in fairy tales and movies. She grew up believing that. She finished school, got a good job (youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company) and lived well. For a while.

Then came the most dreaded of all contracts: Marriage. For her, love did not exist so mom and dad could arrange the damn thing and they could as well get it over with. And that was exactly what happened. He was the right package: tall, dark, handsome and with a beautiful resume: nothing could go wrong. All they had to do was get through the wedding festivities and do their best to consummate the marriage and provide an heir/heiress to the empire they were supposed to build together: easy peasy lemon squeezy.

For a while,all was well with the marriage . they saw only in the mornings and at night and could decide to not see the whole day sometimes. he went to work and so did she. They consummated the marriage but the heir had not yet decided to come. They tried once in a while for a child but why bring another person into the already murderously boring loveless relationship they had no?

He had affairs. She didn’t seem to mind. She had her empire building to do. If worse came to worst they would adopt or better yet, employ the services of a surrogate. Someone would eventually have to manage all this when they were both old.

She came home one day and straight to her room. Empire building had been particularly tiring that day. What she needed was a hot shower and a soft bed. What she saw was way different. The husband and the secretary in her bed together having hot steamy sex. They didn’t even notice come in. she didn’t know what happened after that or who until the red faded from her eyes and she saw the two  naked bloodies corpses on the white sheets of her bed and the blood all over her Tahari suit. She walked up to  his corpse and cradled his head in her arms.

Love was only a notion…


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