Je Suis Charlie. Je Suis Ahmed. Je Suis Les Filles Chibok

Last year, over two hundred girls were forcefully taken away by the Boko Haram sect. They have not returned. Its almost a year.
Last year, French satirical magazine; Charlie Hebdo was attacked by extremist Muslims who believed the journalists had taken their satire too far by ‘insulting’ Islam. They killed everyone in sight. France was shut down for almost three days. Civilians poured out in their thousands to mourn this national tragedy. A curfew was placed and all security services were on deck. The attack caused a lot of controversy, mostly on the sanity of the followers of Mohammed. Other Muslims were segregated because of the mistake of their misled brethren but, they still weren’t deterred by this reaction. They also cried out against the mindless violence shown by their counterparts. They prayed for their country and came out to pay their respects to the dead Charlie Hebdo journalists. They joined the #JeSuisCharlie trend to show solidarity. A police officer by name of Ahmed lost his life trying to keep his country safe: #JeSuisAhmed.


Leaders all over the world condemned this massacre. We were glued to BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera in a bid to keep up with the latest about the Charlie Hebdo massacre. People put up their art in tribute: #JeSuisCharlie





The world waited for the outcome of #JeSuisCharlie. Some people argued that Charlie Hebdo got what was coming for her, others just condemned the barbaric act.
Within the week of the incident, the culprits were found. The curfew was lifted. Ahmed didn’t die for nothing.
WITHIN A WEEK. Charlie Hebdo got justice in the space of seven days. Les Filles Chibok (The Chibok Girls) are yet to receive their due dose of justice. Their families were compensated which to me translates thus:

We are sorry your daughters were kidnapped. We are sorry about the pain you must be feeling now, but, we have ‘tried’ and we can’t do anymore.

We need to step up. I doff my hat to people like Dr Oby Ezekwesili, who even through the opposition have not kept quiet about these children. People who still nurse their little fire of hope that soon the Chibok families will once again be complete.
Nigeria wants change. Let the Chibok families experience this change.



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