Feelings scare me. How do I say this? Giving in to those feelings. Its a risk; a big one. It scares me how I’d do anything for a certain person without knowing what to expect.
I mean some things are constant; we are born and we die. The sun rises and sets. The seasons move in their cycle. With feelings, you never know. You love, hate, care for and hurt one person: the one person that can seemingly unlock all facets of your soul; that can put together the pieces of you. You willingly let them in and bare yourself to their piercing gaze, even; especially when you do not have an inkling what they will use this soul information for.
Some times, we run away from these feelings for fear of being hurt. A fear very well justified. Hurt does things to you. It takes a piece of your being with it.
So I’m scared. Scared to tell you the things you want to hear. I’m pushing you away because I’m scared and this is my defense mechanism against the things you oh so easily stir up in me. That’s all there is to it. Fear.


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