Don’t Try To Figure It Out.

I like masculine clothing. I love brogues and oxfords and Cebagos. I like henna. I’m not averse to septum piercings. I like a good looking male backside. Sarcasm is a talent I have long embraced. I think girls are stupid. I wish I was a guy.
The “normal” ones outchea will read that and call me “weird”. I have long stopped trying to explain that there is only one of me on this earth. I’m very ordinary to look at. Most girls my age would be sad about this, but I’m not. I once was; now, I just embrace this amazing trait.
Everyone I meet tries to psyco-analyse me. This is impossible. I cannot be psycho-analysed. I’m not one of the people with such dark minds. On the contrary; while I do believe in the rulership of the Spider King, I also believe in the Fae. I’m just me I.e Myself Eternally.
Someone said I talk like I want people to feel pity for me. Lol. I guess that comes with being realistic. I’ve been told I dress to impress because my external is less than ordinary. I dress to impress me, myself and I. I’m not a crop top and leggings baby.
How can I have my an identity if I dress the way you like? I like the things I like. Just leave it. Issnor your like. Don’t tell me to not wear eye shadow as lip colour because you don’t like it. Stop trying to psycho-analyse me. You’ll get a migraine.
I’m me. Deal with it.


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