Realism is somewhat liberating…
Pessimism is quite different…
We are NOT pessimistic…
We just know the truth.
We accept the truth.
The truth is not always liberating.

So she stood watching, as everything faded into nothingness. The knowledge that she has done that to him made her smile. Hell hath no fury…

The asked why she wasn’t normal. There’s no answer to that. She’s an enigma. That’s all. Just because…

When you look into my eyes; I always hope secretly that you do not look too close. If you ever got sucked into the obscure that is my soul; I just might die. The guilt; I won’t be able to bear. So don’t be hurt when my eyes are hard as crystal or that I do not look at you in “that” way or that my feelings are cryptic. I’m protecting you.

‘Don’t be insipid!’ He screamed. This time, she didn’t cringe. She felt her fangs. Something in her had snapped. He was gone. His face an ashen colour. He struggled. He gasped for air, but, her fanhs only sunk deeper. She took every drop of blood. Every one. He returned to dust and the wind carried him with her. All she did was laugh. A mad woman’s laugh.

You’re looking at me as if I’m mad. LOL. Don’t try to figure it out. You cant. I’d love to tell you but this is something that is felt, nor explained. Even if I explained it, you  wouldn’t understand. This is MY burden. And I don’t share.


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