A Poem

I see visions all the time
Its creepy. My eyes stay wide open, but, still I see them
Images: clear as crystal;
They play their tricks on me, plague me

I think I’m losing it
I want to tell you, but, how to do it?
You’ll think I’m crazy or worse; you’ll laugh.
‘How can you be seeing “visions”? You be winsh??’
You’d ask me those questions and I don’t have the answers

This is my reality
I am trapped within myself
Visions everyday; they taunt me.
I can’t cry for help.

A heavy cross to carry,
But, I’ll keep moving;
Doesn’t matter how slow.
I’ll drop this cross; I’ll escape myself.
This burden I carry will be light soon enough.
This much I know:

These visions? They’ll come to life soon enough.
Soon. Soon.


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