The Marvelous Misadventures Of Lisa Ann. And The Rest…

Porn. A phenomenon a lot of us discover in our very crazy teenage years. When bae is ‘forming’ and not being bae then porn becomes bae. Some of us outgrow this odd pastime, others don’t. For some people, Lisa Ann and Sasha Grey are still bae. I just want to put my current thoughts on this thingy out there before they become cold in my mental oven.

The word ‘pornography’ is derived from the Greek word πορνογραφία (pornographia), which derives from the Greek words πόρνη (pornē “prostitute” and πορνεία porneiaprostitution“), and γράφειν (graphein “to write or to record”, derived meaning “illustration”,  “graph“), and the suffix -ία (-ia, meaning “state of”, “property of”, or “place of”), thus meaning “a written description or illustration of prostitutes or prostitution”. No date is known for the first use of the word in Greek; the earliest attested, most related word one could find in Greek, isπορνογράφος, pornographos, i.e. “someone writing of harlots”, in the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus.

So basically porn is a depiction of the ‘act’ not the act itself. Anyway, that’s just by the way. What’s really on my mind is if anyone also asks themselves:

What decisions did she make to get her in the video I’m watching at the moment?

Now, whenever I come across porn, that question bugs me. Watch these videos and look close enough, you’ll see that some of these chics are not happy to have some guys cum all over their face or in their hair, but that’s their problem. Some of them are forced into the Porn industry because that was the fastest way they could find to make ends meet. Quite surprisingly, most of these women got into the business because they were looking for some thrill. I know these facts from research,but, still I ask myself this question whenever porn pops up in any discussion or someone I know is so excited to share ‘one very interesting video like this’. Why would a woman who grew up in a cool neighbourhood with everything at her beck and call go into nudity? Don’t get me wrong; unlike most people, I see nothing wrong with nudity. I mean the best art forms are nudes Cc Michelangelo’s David, but, my curiousity is still piqued. Women like Sasha Grey and Lisa Ann get ‘titty fvcked’ and anals everyday, vids are posted online, us peoples search the stuff, fap, jerk off, we all know the drill (there’s a few of us that watch those things for laughs,but, then who’d believe us??).

Does anybody realize that these people showing off their ‘toolz’ to the internet are human and have feelings too? I’m not advocating anything here; I’m just saying tho. I mean people watch the things they do, @ them on twitter saying how much they love the way they ‘work it’ on screen, but, when these people are reported to be in relationships with other ‘normal’ people we now ask:

Why would anybody let their babe do that?

Its now odd that they have normal human feelings and I get that considering the fact that they ‘depict the act’ with different people on a daily. But the point of this post isn’t to condemn those that watch porn. Not at all. I’m just a girl sitting in her room wondering if anybody else asks themselves these question when watching the videos. Anyone??


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