Suicide or Nah

Suicide [ ˈs(j)uːɪsʌɪd ] – noun [C,U] 1 the act of killing oneself: More people commit suicide at Christmas than at any other time. | My mother attempted suicide on many occasions. | He apparently left a suicide note on his desk (=letter explaining his reasons for killing himself)

The subject of suicide evokes a variety of reactions from different people in different instances. While some won’t frown at it, they won’t consider it. For others, it is a sin against God. In my opinion, there’s no such thing. The term suicide is the myth invented to cover up the cruelty of society. For a long time people have taken their lives because they’re depressed or don’t feel wanted etc etc but, could this have been prevented? Yes. Sure, you can’t save everybody but you can stop another person from being brutally murdered by society.
A teenager begins popping pills in a bid to end it all because ‘she’s too fat’ or ‘he’s such a nerd’. I ask myself each time: who sets the standards that we live by? Everyday people judge us most times without even saying a word to us but that’s just human nature I guess. There have been times in my life when I just wanted to end it all: the world would be a better place with one less idiot anyway. I slit my wrist, tried stabbing myself (quick and easy), popped pills at a point because the society I lived in didn’t fail to let me know what a terrible side effect I was and how I had become cancerous to its system. Why didn’t I go through with it, you ask? Well here’s your answer: I’m so misunderstood, but, what’s the world without enigma? (Stolen from Lil Wayne’s 6 Foot 7 Foot). When I paused long enough to think rationally in those times of worthlessness I realized something most people like me don’t: Society is angry when challenged and therefore will do everything in its power to stop my ‘rebellion’.
The stereotype is that when a person you know is suicidal, what they need is love and care but honestly if at those times in my life my mum had started being overly nice to me, it wouldn’t have changed a thing. Rather, it would have pushed farther into the pit I had started digging for myself. A person who feels like a terrible side effect of society doesn’t want to be taken to Johnny Rockets or Banana Republic to feel better. These kind of actions make such a person feel PITIED not wanted or loved. At that time the person feels like chicken shit. Taking him to places (s)he’s always dreamed of won’t lift the spirit (but this is just my opinion). Giving (s)he space or work or just things to keep him/her busy or challenging him/her is a better way of approaching things (in my opinion). In my case, I had to fight to bring myself out of depression each time. No one helped me or told me that society was just a bitter bitch. I had to force myself to realize this amazing fact.
Society is the kind of person that tells you ‘oh its okay if you want to do sing’ and then encourages you to go through with it and when she sees you doing it, she’ll say ‘you’re too fat to model’ or ‘your face isn’t good enough for television’ or ‘you’re too dumb to be an aerospace engineer’ and then when she hears about your ‘suicide’ she’ll say ‘Awwww… And (s)he was so talented/bright/had a future’. Its what she does. She kills you slowly. She murders people everyday; every 40 seconds to be precise (according to the World Health Organisation)…

But that’s just my opinion…


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