My dad was asking a prospective employee about her qualifications and she said

“I have WAEC.”

Now, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this statement; my dad on the other hand looked like he’d just been sucker punched. I knew immediately I looked at his face that he wasn’t going to take her in. A while after she left, I went to ask him why his expression changed when she said she ‘had WAEC’. Here’s his reason:

WAEC as we all know is the acronym for West African Examinations Council. The exam set by this honourable council is called WASSCE which means West African Senior School Certificate Examination which is taken by all SS3/Year 12 students across West Africa. The aim of every student taking this important exam is to obtain WASC (the West African School Certificate).

From the above explanation, its quite obvious that a person cannot be seen as having or writing WAEC. What we write is WASSCE and what we have is WASC. I was quite surprised at the depth of my ignorance. I was so used to saying ‘writing WAEC’ or ‘passed WAEC’ and all of that.
I think this just goes to show the level of decay in our education system. I mean our ‘cheachers’ hear us make these mistakes, don’t correct us; Heck, they make the exact same mistakes. Its sad when I look back and then realize that a Year 6 certificate holder from back then speaks better english than a full fledged graduate of now.
There’s something else: why is it that when you ask some people what their JAMB UTME score was they go ‘oh, they gave me 170’. Some WASSCE candidates even say ‘they gave me a C in Maths’. C’mon people!! You either SCORE 170 or you don’t! You either got a C or you didn’t. They didn’t just GIVE you the grade or score; there’s a process. In a previous post of mine (its my favourite), I asked a question and I’m asking it again: ARE WE THE TURNING POINT GENERATION?
Nowadays we find that all we worry about is how we look and what crop top to match with what leggings or how to make sure our mixtapes hit the big time or where to buy our next pair of Nike Air Max. We need to make a change. Don’t find it hilarious when you meet that cousin or aquaintance that supposedly graduated from the University of Lagos ‘Summa Cum Laude’ say something like ‘I knows him very weh’?
We gotta step up. Its obvious that we are in country where the saying ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself’ is as real as Boko Haram. We need to stop being lazy. That’s what #TheNaijaMovement is all about.
So join me; Let’s stop passing WAEC and start having WASC.

Yours Truly,
The Bucket List Goddess ❤ 😀


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