The Naija Movement

Whenever I am asked where I’m from, I’m going to answer Naija. There’s a difference. While Nigeria is full of negativity , greed, corruption and whatnot; Naija is full of people with a difference.
I could go on and on about ‘The Nigeria Of My Dreams’ but, I shelved that in primary school. A book that has influenced this decision of mine is Are We The Turning Point Generation by Chude Jideonwo. It made me think;

‘All I do is complain about how I don’t understand this country but I’ve never really done anything about it’. ARE WE THE TURNING POINT GENERATION? Are we?

Well my way of doing something is being Naija all through. How? I’ll speak out if I think something isn’t right. I’ll be true to myself. I will keep the Naija Spirit. I am not Nigerian any longer; I am full bred Naija.
Naija is a place filled with difference. Its got swag. Its not into Child marriage and bombings. Its peaceful with people who aren’t greedy or corrupt. The people are orderly and of course its run under a real democracy where people are allowed to ask questions if their leaders are wrong. There’s no room for anybody to play politics. There’s no chasm between the elite and the ‘others’.
So its Naija. Wanna join the Movement? Follow me.


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