Us Nigerians…


I was in a bus with friends reading one of the Circle Trilogy graphic novels by Ted Dekker when a Pastor of sorts looked over and asked what we were reading; we told him and then the next thing he said was, and I quote:

“All these chudren of nowadays… They just read anything! Hian!! You don’t know that book you are reading is demonic? Can’t you see the pictures in it??”

My friends and I were surprised at his outburst to say the least; and as good Nigerian children, we put the book away before a full blown deliverance session would start…

Sound familiar yeah?? I know the feeling…
I’m definitely not the only one who wonders why people can’t seem to mind their own business; Especially Nigerians. I won’t lie though, I like juicy gist now and then but Nigerians ehn… Our own don too mush. You’re walking jejely on your own and you can feel the burning stares at your back and probably hear people saying things like “you for no wear cloth now” or “see as her nyash day shake” and whatnot. Frankly, its really embarrassing and it makes us all uncomfortable so please Nigerians… I take God beg una; let us mind our own business. You hate it when you’re the subject of scrutiny anyway…


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